SHAWS BERRY FARM has been owned and operated by the Shaw family since its inception in 1977.  Firstly as a ‘Pick Your Own’ berry fruit orchard, then eventually going on to become a leading Contract Food Manufacturer.

Ingredients today are sourced locally where possible but we also import from around the world to ensure a steady supply year around.


In the mid 1980’s we started contract manufacturing of many different types of liquid food products for other companies under strict confidentiality agreements and built our new premises to cope with increased demands of the new FOOD SAFTEY PROGRAMME.


Current capacity from our main kitchen is up to 10 tonnes per day, with full FSP support and traceability reporting.

We have strong and strategic alliances with many well-known and respected NZ partners.


Our recipe library covers many fruit based preparations, jams, sweet and savoury sauces as well as meat marinades and yoghurt toppings.

We pack into all types of food containers from tiny 10 grams to 1.2 tonne bulk containers, with a strong emphasis on pouches and glass containers.

Most product is delivered in our own truck, palletised and ready for either local or export shipment.

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